Mom is having a procedure done on Monday. This is good because maybe the reason for all the pain she has been in will be explored. Perhaps she can then heal properly and maybe she won’t be as sick and she’ll gain weight and she can start to be independent again and she’ll get better by summer, like her oncologist says she will. On the other hand, this is bad. The procedure is being treated as a normal colonoscopy. Thirty some odd years ago, mom had her entire large intestine removed because of cancer. Now, mom wears a fitting over the hole in her abdomen with a bag to catch the waste. I’ve had a couple colonoscopies. I am absolutely NOT looking forward to having those fittings leak because of the acidic and watery substances from her body. It is going to harm her skin and we’ll need to change it several times. It is one of the many things I never imagined I would do when I started care giving for mom. Then, you add in the Diabetes (from not having a pancreas because of THAT cancer), which will make things harder to monitor. I am very glad she is not wearing her insulin pump anymore. I am sure I will need a LOT more caffeine Sunday and Monday and won’t be sleeping!!! Thankfully, I have a lot of books to read and they moved her time up from the ETA I was given yesterday. 


5 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. just BREATHE! Take it moment to moment and all will be well. You only have control of the present moment! Overthinking the future, which doesn’t exist, will cause anxiety, which I sense you are experiencing. Breath in the moment & exhale the past… I will be watching…

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