I often feel like I am in Wonderland. It makes more sense than reality.

I normally live in Oregon. Or at least, that is where my driver’s license is from and where my spouse and my youngest are. I’ve been in Alaska almost constantly since mid July of 2016. I went back to Oregon for about 2 and a half weeks during this time. Last night, I texted my husband words wish he could come and visit me. He texted me back something about how we’ll have to look into it and then 3 hours later he texted me he’d call me on Wednesday night.

This evening he told me if I didn’t come back before May, he might be able to come to Alaska then. It is funny. We don’t often talk, we rarely text, I send emails and put things on the family blog, and have sent real mail. I get calls from my eldest often, I talk to the youngest now and then (he got seriously talked to when I found out he burned food in one of my pans!), and exist in a place so alien to theirs it is crazy. Even if we are in the same house, my spouse and I rarely communicate. He’s not really that interested in what I enjoy (he does like live theater and we go once every year or so) , he does get me my favorite flowers in February (my birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day are all that month), and we are rarely intimate (he does kiss me goodbye when he leaves for work and touch my ass when I pass him while he is sitting in his chair). But, this is why I don’t hope for things. I had tiny threads of hope roots that maybe in those hours between texts he might have been seriously considering visiting me. He did. He realised he’d be able to maybe come and see me in May.

I’d say long distance relationships suck, but they don’t if people talk to each other while they are apart. My eldest and I have a GREAT relationship! Especially, now I don’t need to get him up for school anymore. 

Wonderland is a better place and I don’t care who I end up with in that crazy kingdom. Tea?  


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