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If you are a caregiver, please find out about EVERYTHING before it is too late! Sometimes, finding things out when it is almost too late is bad enough. Although, then they make a darn good ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ story! Let me explain.

Daddy set up some sort of life insurance policy for less than $20 a month. My daddy died more than a decade ago. Zing forward to today. It appears that there was a bank account which seemed to have the sole purpose of paying out funds to two different places (and the fees for having the account). Money went in and money went out, just a little bit, like a pin prick in an air mattress. It was discovered one of those pin pricks was this life insurance policy. Apparently, the company didn’t cancel it when my mom called to tell them daddy had died. I got it cancelled this month and sent them a death certificate with my Power of Attorney papers. I got a call the other day from a lady who works at the company. It turns out they need to pay us back. I am not exactly sure how much, no one has said and the conversation was so bizarre, I forgot to ask. I don’t even know what the policy was worth!!! Anyway, they wanted to send it back to the account it came from. Which makes sense, except, since the two odd things on it were cancelled, it was sitting there drawing fees. The three tiny leaks were stopped when I closed the account. So, then, the lady said they’d have to send a check to the address of the policy in my dad’s name. Yes, you read that right. They were sending my dad, the person they had a death certificate for, a check. I reminded them he was dead. They said they could reissue it to my mom if we had POA papers with her name on them for my dad OR if we had executor of the will papers for mom.

I went to a lawyer. It is too late for those kinds of papers to be valid, so it appears the thing to do will be to reopen the estate and close it again once the check is in our possession!!!! The lawyer was pretty surprised and dug through his books to decide what to do. We’ll probably have to use up the spare cash in fees to prove mom can really have the thing!

So, please find out what you can about your parentals and loved ones you might be taking care of. Paper chases are a pain, especially when they go across the continent!


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