Nose Crinkle

Writing at a Desk

Had a friend read the scene/story I wrote and am back at the desk. It appears the age of my character is more nebulous than I anticipated. Which is why I let others read my drivel before I share it anywhere else. So, you tell me. Here are two paragraphs with ‘age’ marks. Do you think it is too vague?

 “The dad, a local police officer, worked nights and worked out in his off time. He was often home in the afternoon for a couple of hours. He also had a tendency to wander the house after he woke, wearing nothing but a pair of partially buttoned Levis. At first, Lea was embarrassed. Over time, she grew aroused and now, she was going to show him what happened when he teased the babysitter. She had been hired because of her decades of sitting experience and today she would share some of her other talents with the man of the house.” And this one. ” Lea stood up, showing off her short skirt and bare stomach. It wasn’t tight like a teen, but she was pretty sure this policeman was the poster child for ‘show a man a naked woman and he’ll do anything she asks.’ ” 


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