I Laughed.

I have two sons. One is just 23 and the other is almost 28. The younger one sent me photos of flowers in my yard and some food he had made. The elder one sent me something else. Let me explain.

I had sent the VA son a note about his Nana. He was aware mom had been losing weight and is sort of tipsy on her pins. After I sent a message (no, I will not send screen shots as the words are on the phone and I do not wordpress from there!) saying Nana’s scan was fast and she was resting now, I added a photo of the cold and sunny world of North Kenai. The kid then sent these words: “She’s super thin and not steady on her feet:”  I was completely and totally confused. Why would he reiterate what I had just said? Then,, much later this photo showed up. (I have a time lag due to the fact mom’s house is in a hole): 


It turns out one of his chickens had gotten out in the yard and he was taking care of  her! No news yet on her survival, but it did make me laugh! 


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