It was much easier to do errands before we moved back to mom’s house. An hour in town meant, a bit more than an hour. Out here, it is so lovely, but an hour worth of errands has at least 45 min driving time added in. So, I need to hurry and make sure I am back pronto. It was also easier finding folk to stay with mom. She hates me calling people to sit with her, but I hate leaving her alone. Today she is in so much pain and sleeping a great deal. I am really needing groceries. There are some things she likes, which I am out of. Oh, I will manage, but I will have to get them before too long.

And then, I want to go see a movie. I really really really really want to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’. My son was a key character in HS and since our school was low budget, I created his costume. I helped create many of the costumes. We had so much fun! His leggings were from ebay and so was his vest set (I made everything else). His gold sparkly coat was so cool, he asked for a silver one for prom (that one was made properly, not for stage!). His hat candle was battery operated and  if we could make it shine, we did! It was definitely a memorable experience.

 I’ve been thinking  a great deal about this story. Belle or Beauty (depending upon the version you read) wanted something more. She was the responsible one in the family and she was incredibly duty minded, even as she dreamed. I don’t have a whole lot of dreams in my life, but I am fairly responsible. Actually, I don’t hope for much at all! But it is ok. Even if I won’t get to wear the new clothes I spent 4 dollars on (big spender!!) to wear when I see ‘Beauty and the Beast’,  or get the chance to buy groceries and test strips in the next day or two, or even if I am unable to figure out where to put window washer stuff in mom’s car (she has a VERY confusing car!!!), it is ok. Mom is still alive, I have books, and the birds have returned. One of my favorite lines from ‘Beauty’ (Robin McKinley-she wrote a GREAT many versions of similar stories and Beauty is only one of them.) is when Beauty finds birdseed and asks of the magic to bring her some birds. Well, in this fortress, they have returned! 


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