Pleasure Planet?


Pygar playing with Barbarella (fun movie!)

It isn’t even noon yet and I want to run away. I want to be in a place where I can be  petted and loved on and with and not have anything to worry about. Oh, there have been a few times here and there which were stellar ‘me’ times. (Those four hours in February will never be forgotten!) I did get my short story written. I had to stop in the middle and play with myself, but then when I ended the story, it made me laugh. I liked it, though.

Today has been interesting. I woke up and had to change mom’s fitting for her waste bag. I took care of her needs, made her breakfast, and while she was eating, I went to check my blood. YIKES! It was way too high. I took my insulin, came back upstairs to finish my mom chores, then ate my own breakfast and went to sleep. (Best way to get rid of high blood sugars.) When I got back upstairs it appeared mom felt better. She had unpacked a box of stuff she had ordered a while back. I asked where she wanted the things, because they were in the way. The plastic tote is for photos which were under the table. (Photos which have been under the table for years.) I was going to put it downstairs. She was annoyed, “I’ll just need to have you go and retrieve it when I need it.” My comment? ‘That is ok, you won’t be getting to those for a while anyway.’ Then she told me one of the other things was a bird feeder for the window. I reminded her I cannot get to the windows. She rolled her eyes. It appears her daughter is such a wuss!!!! THEN, I noticed an invoice. This was an order she had made on her own one day. It was hard to read, but they managed. It also appears she did not pay them the amount needed. She owes them 25 more dollars!!! For stuff she did NOT need. This staccato read is exactly how it went! 

Truly, I need a vacation somewhere cold on the outside, lots of snow to look at and play in if I want to and warmth inside where I can wear as little as I want. Swimming pools would be nice, too. A library with a cuddly cat or two, a theatre so I can see the movies I want to see, and a kitchen where I can stir up and create yummy things to give away to my friends who are with me. Just a place to play and enjoy. 


2 thoughts on “Pleasure Planet?

    • It doesn’t lower it, but when you are high, sleeping is a low impact thing to do while it comes down. It is also a dangerous thing to do, because you can sleep yourself into a low blood sugar. Vicious circle.


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