Gotta Hug!


I had to do errands for mom today. A lot of them. Things which needed done, but were draining. Almost one of those Alexander days (remember Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good day??) I tried to see a doctor at a walk in minor emergency care clinic and was told I could get an appointment tomorrow (I must have gone to a different door or something!!!). I went to get mom’s prescription for tomorrow’s cat scan and had to wait almost an hour (the hospital didn’t call them to make up the script). When I went out to the car to get my best waiting books, I realised they were on my kindle and not my ipad (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass). At the phone company, I found out I have to CALL to have them come out and fix the land line crackles. At the bank, I paid up a couple of ongoing financial drains and found out mom needs to call and tell them it is ok to close the accounts (I will have to choose one of her good days). I was looking for something at a store and found out they could not order it for me. I will have to do it myself. BUT, I got to do a good deed for a friend and THAT was wonderful! Later, though, was a horrid spot. I lost my cell phone. It is full of mom contacts and I was severely stressed for less than 15 minutes. (it seemed a lot longer!!!)  When a young employee saw my distress, asked if I had lost a cell phone, and mentioned she had turned in a purple 0ne, I had to hug the stuffins out of her!!!!  I was so full of joy, it came out in more than one hug! As I drove home, I noticed I had a beauty spot on my cheek from the after stress chocolate donut I devoured. It was another lovely interlude in a very mundane day of chores. 

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