Mom’s dog, Obi, likes to eat. He does not like to listen to me. Especially, when I need to let him out. I man handled him to the door the other day and was bitten. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to notice. Mom does NOT know, she’d tell me it was my fault. So, I needed to figure out a way to get him outside. I knew food would work, but he is so chubby, I didn’t want to aid in his rotundness.  He has little ‘denta chews’ mom gives him, but they are not so cheap I want to toss them around to get him outside. So, I hit upon something simple. I now have a pill bottle full of honey nut cheerios. I shake the bottle, open the door, he runs out and I drop ONE tiny O on the ground. Or I scatter 3. He goes out to find them and runs off barking. The things one does to keep the peasants happy. 


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