The sound of a bark

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barking at the waves

I am not a dog person. I follow the Iditarod and some of the other races, I like to watch the dog shows when I can, Too Cute is not bad when there are puppies (kittens are better), and this dog drives me nuts! Actually, the dog is not small. He is more of a medium long haired doxie. Very overweight and enjoys barking. All of the time. I am one of his favorite persons to bark at. But, it doesn’t matter. He tends to be an indiscriminate barker. He has a shrill bark which hurts the ear. His name is Obi Wan Kenobi. My boys nicknamed him ‘Oh, Be Quiet.”



eating dandelions

He also eats anything. I need to keep mom’s pills in little paper cups (thank you Arby’s!) to keep them secure. If they all on the floor, he’ll snap them up faster than you can notice they have fallen! Remember I fed the birds? Well, mom is not glad I scattered the seed on top of the snow. EVERY time her dog has gone out now, she tells him to not eat the birdseed or asks me if he’s into the seed. I remind her the snow is pretty deep and the seed is a ways from the beaten path. He’d flounder swimming in snow if he tried to get to the stuff.

This dog is keeping mom alive. Or he’ll kill  her. He tripped her up in October, when she ended up in the hospital (she was ok, she just couldn’t’ breathe.). I trip over his toys all the time. When mom sleeps, he gets bored and puts orange balls near her face, so she will wake up and play with him. Obi is not a nurturing creature. He is rather selfish and when mom sleeps too long, he barks at her to get up. When she does, he brings her a toy and bounces around til she tosses it for him. Barking. Or he wants outside, where he jumps off the step and barks as he runs around the house to see if there is anything to bark at. He does stop barking, sometimes. Usually when he is sleeping or in the car or eating, in the 2.5 seconds it takes for him to do that.

Mom’s dog is definitely NOT a poster dog for adoption of canines. Although, he would be quieter in a poster! 


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