The key to feed-


It was a blooming bunny trail. I wasn’t going dig my way thru the snow, but I thought it might be ok to broadcast seed on top of it. I figured the one inch thick crust would hold anything smaller than a normal sized bird of prey, so why not? Unfortunately, I forgot something. In early November I locked the shop on the side of the garage. I didn’t have a key. I have not a clue how I locked it, probably just twisted the little thingy on the knob and closed the door. Well, now I needed in. I used the garage door opener and the keys on the car key fob (I actually went back and forth from the house several times because I kept putting the opener and keys away and needing them again!). 

Since daddy had collected jukeboxes, the way into the shop from the garage  was also locked. The handle do the shop door had been removed and the securing mechanism was in the inside. You could unlock it from the garage side. If you had a key. Since mom’s house had gotten tidied up, all of the counters were cleared off. Most of her little containers of rocks, coins, keys, large seeds from God knows where, and other assorted debris were moved. I didn’t ask where, I just searched. Mom then suggested I look in the storage building next to the shop. In the top drawer of the hutch. I have been in this storage cabin thing many times, I had no idea there was a hutch in there. It appears my sister did not want it and now mom has to find a place for it. Well, I found the hutch. I found the drawer. I found the key. And Christmas ornaments and a dead dragonfly. Which caused me to be grossed out and fascinated in turn! The key did open the shop and I was able to turn down the heat in it, water the plants which were growing well, knock over assorted piles placed in there after I left in October, and get sunflower seeds to cast on the snow. I put the key in the house. In a container of rocks and assorted I am not sure what all is in there.

Clutter is a never ending saga. 


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