Surprisingly Useful


The snowplow who visited left giant snow banks on the edges of the yard. These are actually pretty handy. I have a terrible time backing up mum’s car. I like to imagine it might be like driving a space shuttle and I am not from a starship crew! How they managed to park those things in the bay is beyond me. Since mum should not walk around the car on the ice, I back it into the large cleared space. And every time, bump gently into the bank of snow. This is wonderful. In the summer, there is a tree if I back up too far. That is bad. I am truly thankful for this useful pile and will be very sad when it melts away. 😃😃😃


2 thoughts on “Surprisingly Useful

  1. I learned to ride a bike in the Netherlands. Braking skill came slowly. Fortunately, there was a huge oak tree on the corner. I bumped into it to stop. Imagine my dismay when a lightning strike destroyed the tree and it was cut down….

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