I do not like high places. I am terrified of them. Yet, there has been a scene meandering thru my brain when I try to settle for sleep. It has popped into my head during night and during naps and it is very graphic. It is during the day and I am wearing pale pink lingerie. I have my hands on the window and I am pressed up against it. It is in a hotel room. I do not know what is outside, I am too distracted by the man behind me. He licks the skin under the criss crossed straps of my lace teddy making me whimper. His hands caress my heated skin, slipping between my legs where they slide in the wanton moisture. His voice makes me tingle with desire. There is the sound of a zipper behind me. I feel wetness being painted on the flesh of my ass with his cock.

And there the damn thing stops!!!  Ridiculous, yes?


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