When I was a kid there was a popular form of punishment called ‘being grounded’. It was a horrible thing to do to a kid. I’d have rather had the wooden spoon (and I did have that applied now and again, though, the grounding was more popular). One day, in particular, reminds me of today. It was a lovely winter day. Pristine white snow and a blue sky with sunshine. And I wasn’t allowed to go outside for almost a month. I had to stay inside and read or do house things.

Today is another one of those gorgeous winter days. The snow isn’t quite as pristine due to dogs and snowmachines, but it is still begging for Krisprints. And I am grounded, for the most part. I am hoping a friend will bring me a shovel to borrow on Monday, letting me out for a little bit. At least, if I am in the yard, I am fairly close and I can have that darn dog of mom’s outside where he won’t bother mom. He wants to play with her all the time (I am a lesser being and unworthy of attention, which doesn’t bother me too much!) and puts toys next to her face when she is sleeping and gets into the garbage when he is bored. I can’t take him out of the yard unless he’s on a leash and as I said, I am a lesser being and he does not like going places with me! Le sigh. I suppose being back here in this lovely place I can look at should be enough. But, I want to go outside and play!!!! Silly Kris, being responsible does not allow for play. And I got to play for a few hours in Feb one lovely evening.

I am such a fruitcake! Headed for the escape in words! 


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