I cried


I am glad we are at mom’s house. I am thankful she is mostly doing ok (she has had a LOT of pain pills the last couple of days). I am thankful she has her barking dog back. I am truly glad we are back in the middle of nowhere (it is really pretty!). BUT, there are so many things I wish were different. I do wish we had less limited internet. I really really wish I didn’t have to dash outside to use my modern cell phone (it is warmer, up to 20 today!). I absolutely wish the water worked better (I went to a friend’s house to get a shower. Alone, but it was a lovely shower!). Then, this.

I was hoping I could wash clothes. I like clean clothes. I like to fold clean clothes. I had a lot of dirty things  and wanted them clean. So, I washed a couple of loads and then realised they were not spin drying properly. Of course, I discovered this after several hours of trying to dry them enough for the dryer. It appears mom’s less than 8 years old digital front load washer ‘forgets’ to turn off the water. I, illogically (I have a top loading machine in Oregon), opened the door and drenched the floor. Not once, I did this twice! I, thankfully, had a whole load of dried and folded towels and some fleece, which needed washed, nearby. They sopped up the mess wonderfully. I had no idea what to do. I sat there, looking at the sodden fabric piled up on the damp cement, put my head in my hands, and let the tears fall. Why this made me cry more than all the other things I’ve had to do, I don’t know. But, it is damn frustrating to have to deal with water issues in several feet of snow and ice. Thankfully, the washer does drain into the proper hose, it just keeps filling. So, I turned off the water and put the machine on spin. It works, but it isn’t what it is supposed to do! 


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