Greek fun


Do you remember elementary and junior high? The middle school years? This was when most of us were introduced to the Greek culture. The fun and watered down parts, focusing on their gods and goddesses and a battle or two. Fun, because they were. Watered down, because the sexual interplay between the deities and their worshiping humans was glossed over. Yeah, we knew Zeus had some kids with his sisters or other women, but I think the teachers avoided the topic. Michael has been sharing,  in his blog, the not watered down parts of Greece. (who wants watered wine, anyway?). It has been a fascinating reminder of a world alien to ours. One full of passion and stories not taught in those early classes of zit faced adolescents who know everything! Thank you, Michael, for reminding me some things never change, no matter WHEN in time they take place. (Now, where is that soundtrack to Xanadu……) 

4 thoughts on “Greek fun

  1. Sweet Kris, thanks so much for sharing the link to my blog with this post…I’m so flattered.☺️You make a great point about Greek history being interesting back in the school days. But, as you point out, there was so much more we were missing. Now we get to savor the good stuff!🍇💦

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