While reading thru ‘Sex Positions’ by James Ryan, I had to laugh again. I am not experienced in much more than ordinary vanilla sex. I am learning a bit, but the lessons are infrequent. At any rate, I down loaded a couple of books, non fiction entertainment, and I have been thoroughly entertained.

Some positions mentioned: Viennese Oyster. Which requires a bit of flexibility!  Back Door Plank: Apparently, this is highly comfortable for the female or non-dominant party. Chicken Wing Doggy: Lifting thighs during the Doggy Style position.  Waterfall: Not for the faint of heart. The male partner is on the bed or couch with his head over the edge. After penetration, he slides off until his head and shoulders are resting on the floor. Supposed to be good for the female’s control of deepness and speed. Upside down 69: One partner gets up onto a chin up bar and hangs upside down to be pleasured. As I continued, I discovered ‘The Bridge‘, which is sex while doing that spine popping exercise we did in PE as kids. Then, I found this last comment before I called it a day. “Lower your pelvic bone beneath your partner’s and graciously put your penis inside her.” Graciously. (this was for the kneeling sex position) I graciously giggled myself into sleep. 


3 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. DADGUMMIT. I was going to respond to Michael’s comment and it went to trash and I can’t find it!!!!!!!! Then, I accidentally trashed Daria’s, but I got hers back. STUPID. Michael’s comment continues to make me laugh from the first time I read it. It was in regards to the use of ‘gracious.’ So, bad. Now the WORD gracious can make me giggle.


  2. sweet mother of pearl. just reading it is making my muscles cramp!
    hee hee i am suddenly having visions of contortionists having sex.
    or james deen. he is pretty brutal on his partners. i mean who wants a foot on their face.
    sure there are many positions to have sex, but why be uncomfortable when doing it.
    supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
    oh im being a prude. wah!

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