Hang ups?

My mum is addicted to stuff. She has a lot of it in all sorts of genres. Since moving out to her house again, it has needed reorganised. We had angels who came in to help move stuff out and around, but honestly? It has not changed much. Today, I was pairing up a few of her shoes..well, it started with moving a couple of things in my sister’s room. Her room is now the ‘junk’ room for almost everything taken out of the living room and mom’s bedroom. I discovered MANY pairs of shoes. Most of them were singles, the others needed unearthed. ONE pair was smaller than the others (I don’t often get new shoes and I never ever get ‘expensive’ ones unless it is from the Salvation Army or Good Will) and mom said I could have them. Dansko’s. She has a lot of this brand and my heart jumped a bit when she said I could have this pair. It has been horrible sorting thru super cute shoes she’ll never wear again and knowing I can’t even borrow them. Anyway, this was a single, til I managed to find the second shoe! While I was sorting my way thru mom’s shoe stash, piles of hangers fell on the floor. Boxes full of someday to be built shelving units needed moved and other assorted debris needed balanced. What a nightmare!!!! Stuff everywhere, falling down and enveloping me.

I think my hang up is hating clutter!!!!!!! BUT, I did get a new to me pair of barely used shoes out of today. 


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