One of those days…


I feel like I’ve been running all day. Some parts were very nice, some parts were necessary, and some parts I had to roll my eyes. We are getting ready to move mom back to her house. She’s hasn’t been there in more than 4 months. She is a hoarder and we’ve had friends cleaning for us. People who are hands and feet of God. I keep finding those sorts. But, today is packing. So damn much debris. Meds and bills and groceries and more. It is going to be daunting trying to get all of this moved out. Mom’s car is full of junk, we have a good friend who will help us, but am not sure even his rig will hold all we need to haul out there!

Once we are out there, my internet will be limited. She lives in one of those cyber dead zones. I am very glad my new cell phone is a lot less touchy than my old one. I still can’t get service in the basement, but I do get random calls upstairs. The lake is frozen, so I could walk out to better reception. On days we are not below 25 degrees F!!!!!!  The internet does work, but it is very limited. I am entirely grateful she is still not on dial up (that was 3 years ago!). Thus, I won’t pepper the Korner with lots of notes. I will THINK them, though!!!!!  

Hmmmm, Professor Harold Hill used the think method for his band, wonder if it would work with blogging?????


5 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Good luck with the move. Being in internet poor areas is really miserable. And yet, something few of us even cared about in 2000. Funny how things we grew up happily without are now basic necessities. And so it goes.

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  2. you are blessed to have people help you with the move! how lovely! it does help with the stress.
    Perhaps your mother with think of it as blessing as well. a peace of mind. fingers crossed.
    ugh dead zone. my parents live in a dead zone too. cant get good reception either. and their internet is supposedly lite speed. ha. like turtle speed.

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