I giggled


While out and about in a less than expensive, popular store, I noticed sale racks. I hate shopping and tend to veer toward the sale racks in any store I visit. I would rather pay less than more, unless it is for something really good.

I might have gotten this, just cuz it made me laugh, but I didn’t. A photo is worth a thousand thoughts, right? Here we see a very short teddy ensemble with a thong and black lace hearts on the breast fabric where nipples might hide. I  giggled. Then, I saw the tag and laughed quietly. Sleepwear. I admit, I like to sleep in lingerie. It is rarely used for more than that, but it struck me as amusing to sell it as sleepwear. Jammies, for me,  are usually flannel or soft cotton or fleece. This is playwear! 


7 thoughts on “I giggled

  1. lol i was thinking of sleeping in lingerie last night, but then I thought why? its winter! I am by myself! I would freeze to death! no way! I got a nightshirt instead!
    since i moved i think i only have 1 set left. oh well.

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