A pill or more a day…


My mom’s world is one of drugs. I get this, I try to allow her to choose what she wants to take sometimes. She has trouble and,every so often, she drops them for me to retrieve. Today, she woke up late and before breakfast she said she had pain and she might need a pain pill cuz she slept curled in a ball. Then, after breakfast she said the pain was all gone and she had nausea. But, she was going to deal with it. Then, she had pain again. I suggested she might want to shower (it has been 9 days) and we did that. Afterwards, she decided she needed the nausea pill. She’s not even ON the drugs and she’s confused about what drugs to take!!!! 


7 thoughts on “A pill or more a day…

  1. My grandma had been taking lots of pills before she got Alzheimer’s, so luckily, she didn’t fight us over them much once she reached the point where we had to make the decision for her… but on the days she decided to fight us? Whoo-wee did she fight!

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