A Tarnished Soul and others have discussed kissing in their blogs. I LOVE kissing. So many topics to spin off on with the topic of kisses. I think one of my favorite lines in one of my favorite books (I have a LOT of favorite books) is remembered as this. One man was asked if he regretted anything in his life. He thought and replied, ‘Yes. There were a lot of girls I could have kissed and didn’t.’ I can sort of feel exactly what that man was thinking. I often look at random lips and wonder what they would feel like. I have never had a bad kiss, I’ve had ones I would not want to experience again, but they were not ‘bad’. Hard thin lips are not fun to kiss. Whiskers and kisses are damn sexy. Full lips cover well. Firm lips are powerful. 

But, it isn’t just lips. It is HOW you kiss. Kisses where hands are held on my waist or hips or shoulders make me melt like butter on hot syrupy pancakes. Puckered lips are amateur. Nibbles or soft kisses to lips is incredibly hot. Smacking kisses are sort of silly. Pecks are like getting an empty jelly roll donut. Wet kisses are nice if they become that way during long kissing, otherwise they belong with a St. Bernard. Teeth and kisses show eagerness and surprise and can hurt. Light kisses are lovely promises. Kisses accompanied by a touch, well, please go there!! Too much enthusiasm is laughable, not enough and it appears I must be boring. Tongues can be a mating dance in the mouth (one of the kids I know  once suggested in total ignorance and delight that french kisses were oral sex). Kissing a smoker is unusual, but not as nasty as one hears. It depends on HOW they kiss.(One of my boyfriends was a smoker and gave me a great compliment. He said he’d never spent so much time kissing and laughing in a relationship.) 

I’ve done a great deal of kissing since my Sweet Sixteen year. I like to think I kiss well. (thank you to my first boyfriend, John, and then Ken) As Larry the Cucumber sings in his Silly Song, I love my lips!!!!!! 


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