Yeah. Shaking head and laughing at myself.

Just mere hours after my housekeeping rant, I told our housekeeper we’d most likely be leaving this week. She then told me to let her  know so she could help me clean!!!!!! Damn it, I could have been cleaning all along! So, I will start. Cupboards, in and out (they are not very clean); drawers (same reasons); bathroom (everywhere); microwave; walls (which have gick on them in places); and a thorough sweeping everywhere. I will not vacuum (the machine is in her area and I can’t get to it). I will not strip the far bed with the mouse droppings in it, we did not use that bed. However, I will remind her it should be stripped and the linen washed. I will not mop the floor. I will also not clean the oven–I MAY take the top off to clean underneath. Depends on how brave I feel and how much time I have in this week. I was hoping to do some things today, but mom wasn’t feeling well enough for me to feel comfortable enough with leaving her alone. I’ll have to once, we leave where we are. We are in a town and mom’s house is out in the middle of nowhere. I will cross that bridge later. 

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