Things you think about…


While I was in my shower not shaving my various body parts, I was reminded of this pic by PAN. First, it was fun to see Harry and Ginny ‘grown’, but there were so many other things I wondered about. Like does Harry’s Horntail dragon tat move? I reckon at a witch’s tattoo parlor for a few extra galleons, you could get a moving tattoo. Inking gone to a whole new level! Then, I looked at Ginny’s legs. Really??? You are a witch, for crying out loud. There has got to be a spell to remove body hair. Although, to be fair, you may prefer fuzzy legs. If I was a witch, I’d be so into paying for a spell to do a full body Brazilian from my eyebrows down!!! OK, maybe not that much. I wonder what that would feel like? A doll??? But, I definitely would invest in something. I wonder if there are witch boutiques?  Tonks had hair which changed color, at least I think it did! Are witch hair bits magical? So many questions from one short shower!!! 

6 thoughts on “Things you think about…

      • Honest. I had my first professional haircut in years when a friend got me a gift cert last December. I recently took a scissors to my bangs again. One of my friends emailed me and said it was a good idea I did, I was starting to look scruffy! lol

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  1. Lol I was thinking the same thing this morning when I was about to have a shower!
    Ugh shaving again?!
    Why can’t our body hair stop growing when we want it to?
    Why does it have to keep coming back?!
    That is so funny how we were thinking the same thing


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