Things not to say


While reading a how to book on sex, I came across a paragraph discussing something that made me roll my eyes.

Oddly, I cannot find the book on Amazon anymore. I recently downloaded it and it shows up on my order list, but does not exist anywhere else. However, the book is by a James Ryan. (maybe he stole it? There is another book with the same name by a different author available…) Thus, I cannot accurately give this book credit. 

ANYWAY, the comment was to ask what turns your partner on. Ask. Yup, I rolled my eyes. Almost every time I have asked a male what they like, I get this response: ‘Whatever you like, I like.’ Thankfully, this is almost every time, not every time. However, it is NOT what a lover wants to hear when you try to communicate. 

9 thoughts on “Things not to say

  1. You know, the actual question isn’t a bad idea. It opens the door for the man to share a fantasy. The problem is with the response from the men. Maybe you could let him know it make you really hot to hear his fantasies or desires. Keep working him up telling him how much it will excite you to know his naughty secrets… Then, maybe he will step up with a real answer and something you can both have a lot of hot fun with. Or, maybe you could share a fantasy/desire first and then have him share one. He may also be hesitant to share for fear of a negative reaction.

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  2. Well shit. Didn’t mean to hit send quite yet…

    … offended or upset you, and miss out on some action!

    I have only asked this of long-time partners, when they have gotten to know me, and I them, pretty well.

    But if you pay attention to their ‘sex language’ (everyone’s is different), they will tell you what they like… even the things they like but don’t WANT to like, LOL.

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