Things you do over and over take time. Dishes, sweeping, washing clothes, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, brushing teeth, washing hair, dressing and undressing, is incredible how much of our life is spent doing things that need repetition. Thankfully, most of them don’t really take very long at all. I need a shower. Again. Mom is napping, do I wash dishes or shower? One is where I can answer the door and one is not (although, there IS a window looking out onto the porch next to the bathtub!!!). I reckon I’ll just take a fast one and not do all the extra showery things! Cya!!! 

4 thoughts on “Fast

  1. *laughs* why not simply leave a note on the door, saying you are taking a quick shower, and will remove the note when finished, so if they wait a few minutes, you will find them on the doorstep?

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    • I HAVE a note on the door asking people to call me in case mum is resting. It is right next to the doorbell, which no one rings anymore. They knock. LOUDLY. Or just knock and walk in!

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