Craving Krypton

Being a person with Diabetes sucks. Yeah, it isn’t necessarily life threatening, but you must take care of yourself. Being a person with Diabetes and caregiving is worse. Some days, I crave one of these things. Actually, the Diet Pepsi (as horrid as it is for you) is something I get the most. The Golden Oreos…I had no idea how darn tasty those are!!! Apple fritters are sooo good, thankfully they rarely come with a maple glaze or I’d buy more!! The ice cream? Sex in a carton. Haagen Daz Chocolate Caramel Cone. I ration this, usually. Junior Mints are my companion candy. I will slide 4 or  5 into the palm of my hand and savor them while my soul relaxes. The best thing about the mints? My cell phone fits into the empty box perfectly. Which makes my phone smell delicious! 

3 thoughts on “Craving Krypton

  1. Ugh I have been craving sweets too! Especially my favourite peanut butter kit Kat!
    Anything peanut butter chocolate 😍😍
    I love Pepsi! Ice Caps! But I can’t stand pop that is diet flavoured 😂 I don’t know why but it tastes like coke and rye. 🤷‍♀️
    So I’m drinking chocolate chai tea now! Yummy

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    • Oddly, one of the theories is that it is from missing a bit of a chromosome. If you are missing the bit, you may develop some from of Diabetes during your lifetime. So, eating right doesn’t keep it away. I was a healthy teen til I graduated from HS.Once I was diagnosed and realised my chances at eating birthday cake and cookies and candy bars with few consequences was over, I cried. I wish I HAD eaten them more often!!!!

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