April is not human. She is not a cat or ordinary sort of animal. She is a giraffe and most of the world is waiting for the birth of her baby. A live cam is in her birthing area and the suspense is high. I am not hovering with a  window open on April’s impending motherhood, however, I do check with my giraffe friends on FB to follow their excitement. Today, I haven’t been to FB (it is nice to leave it be sometimes!) and so, I opted to check on April on my own.

I am not one who wanted several persons with me when my boys were born. The second baby, I just had hospital staff (that is a whole other story!). I can imagine April’s feelings of being hovered over and monitored, but I have witnessed many a creature being born. It is always a miracle. April has had a live feed from her room since Thursday night (it is now Saturday). This particular update made me laugh out loud! The video was initially removed after animal rights activists flagged the videos as “sexually explicit.”  Oliver and April, may your baby teach the world how incredible the world of giraffes is. 


2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. FB is lame about their posting rules. They will allow videos about death, beheadings rape and won’t take them down because there is nothing wrong with it. It imposes on the posters right to free speech. but if one woman shows a boob then all hell breaks lose.
    It is very disgusting.

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