It is all relative, I guess


This baby is now 12 years old today. She is my niece. Mom’s youngest and only grandchild around (the others are over 20 and living elsewhere). Mom and my sister live less than 30 miles away from each other, my sister works at a place about 10 or less miles from mom’s house. Since I arrived in July, Mom has seen her youngest grand less than a dozen times. My sister dropped by, with her daughter, today for about 10 min. I had mentioned to her mom on FB they might want to pick up her birthday card. They might stop by later and drop off cupcakes. Or probably on Sunday. (They are busy on Saturdays) The girl is being home schooled and is always able to visit her friends and mom is kind of boring and sick and snips at them, but it seems odd. Relatives make for an odd tree. 


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