RANT-in case you want to skip it!

I used to think I wanted a maid. Someone to clean up after me. Sounds nice, right? Not really. The housing mom and I are in right now comes with a caretaker/housekeeper. She lives in the basement and does these chores for room and board.  I was told to NOT clean and let her do it. I’ve tried. I feel horrible, but I just can’t do it. I am not a super neat freak. I like clean, but I am not going to go all anal about it. I like my shower/tub area to be clean. I like my bathroom to be clean. I clean baseboards at least a couple of times a season, I sweep floors and swiffer them (GREAT invention!) probably too many times, and I wash almost everything every Monday. (This is when I am in my own home.)

Here, it is different.  I had to ask our housekeeper to go lighter on the chemicals (once it was so bad I had to open the door to air out the place!!!) and now she uses none. Just water, as far as I can tell. I use lysol wipes and sprays in the bathroom and will probably end up cleaning it this weekend.  I also clean the kitchen with wipes (she does some of what I do, so I try not to clean things as tidy on the day she comes in to clean!). I showed her how to take apart the vacuum to do the edges of the rug. I climbed on the counters to get to hard to reach places because she felt uncomfortable. I move all my supplies out of the bathroom when she cleans, she has a tendency to organise them. She uses a really wet mop on the floors instead of sweeping them. So, there are streaks of dirty drying marks after she leaves. She is pretty busy with other things and comes in during the time I am trying to make dinner.

She has a locked door to her portion of the house. I respect this. I wish, however, we’d  have a locked door!!! She pops in all the time. To use the oven, to check on the plants and water them, and to say hi. Sometimes mom is sleeping and it wakes her. I do appreciate she has washed some of the linen we brought (she only washes house towels and sheets) and I appreciate she is friendly and visits with mom. It is just awkward .All in all, this whining rant is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ll stop now and be thankful for the things she does.   I guess I want my own nest again. Or a nest I can tidy and not step on someone’s toes! 


10 thoughts on “awkward

  1. Having had a roommate in my space, I feel your pain.
    If I may ask… what is stopping you from having a genuine conversation with this woman about your preferences, and especially respecting your space?
    Are you afraid that ‘rocking the boat’ will adversely affect your situation? Could you lose your place by stating your needs and desires?

    Another thought: if you don’t like how she cleans, but don’t want to really confront… you can compromise! Ask her if, instead of cleaning, she will sit with your mom for an equal amount of time, and allow you to have some time to yourself instead? This gains you twofold… you can then clean your space the way you like, and you gain some very important time to replentish yourself to boot!

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  2. Lol sounds like my sister and I. She goes around telling everyone I was really nasty and dirty. That my place was disgusting. However because I was always telling her to clean up after herself; now that she has a place of her own she is so anal about cleanliness. She is so afraid to have her place dirty because I will get mad 😂😂😂😂

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