To sleep, perchance to dream


I don’t know what has changed this last week. Mom’s not doing much better, maybe it is knowing her blood sugars are not going to drop like a rock in a pond. Yet, the last couple of nights, I have been able to sleep. I still stay up way too late because I am too wired to sleep. I still set the alarm for 4 and note it will go off in two hours and 34 minutes. Yet, I can almost always fall back to sleep fairly fast, cuz mom doesn’t want to get up. Granted, that isn’t always a good thing. Yesterday, her ileostomy fitting blew and made a mess. But, I did get  more sleep during the ‘night’ hours. My dreams have been bizarre and vivid. I don’t always remember them after I wake, probably a good thing. (I think the oddest one were the live chickens on a theatre set) I still take long naps during the day when mom naps (she told a friend yesterday she doesn’t fall to sleep like she had been. I laughed to myself!) or I do chores. None the less, me sleeping has been really nice!  


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