Worked again!


When I was a kid I watched the most awesome TV show in the world. It was about something new and unheard of in most parts of the United States. Almost everyone on the show was from CA, few were actually actors. Most of the people on the set were for real fire fighters. It was called ‘Emergency!’

 I had many favorite episodes, but one has always come through when I needed it. Johnny Gage had the hiccups and NO ONE could cure them. EMTs, Roy and Johnny, had just brought in a kid and Drs Early and Brackett had taken care of the grade schooler and were now discussing what to do with Johnny. The boy gets up off the table behind them, leaves the room, and returns with a soda can. He hands it to Johnny and, after a shrug, Johnny drinks it. His hiccups vanish. This works EVERY time for me. And every time I am amazed that a single scene in a TV show from the 70’s taught me how to cure hiccups! 


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