I am so glad I know how to read and write. I spend a great deal of my life waiting for people. I don’t mind, as long as I have a book! I find it interesting when I hear others say how much time is wasted when they have to wait for someone or something. I have never seemed to find that time wasted! There are entire worlds to visit and explore inside the pages of books. I can hang out in Wonderland (I usually find Alice great company when things are really crazy) or be sexually active in the Victorian age while baking cookies or even wander in a physiological thriller while visiting a hospital (NOT a good idea, by the way. Dragons are much better company in medical facilities!). I was supposed to go out north and get the mail today, but my friend opted to go later this week. So, I will do other things. And read!

But, I still wish I could have gotten the mail!!!


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