I am annoyed. I have a fairly new to me ipad air. I rather like it a lot, but it has some annoying quirks. Like this one I’ve run into. I have two WP accounts. This one, being fairly new,  is on my laptop. It appears it is going to stay there. The ipad will not allow me to have two accounts with wordpress. Not even if I try to log into WP from the internet part of the ipad. It insists my login information is invalid. For both accounts. I can have 3 yahoo email accounts and only one on WP. PIFFLE! (note: if someone reads this and has an idea, you can email or contact me (via the contact me place in the blog) or just drop a note in replies!) 


7 thoughts on “Piffle

  1. Apple thinks its so smart. I am really beginning to get annoyed with my iphone and ipad.
    Iphone wont let me share youtube videos on here. Ipad wont do gifs on here.
    However my android phone had no problem with either!
    Now whenever i post an entry on my iphone, it asks me if I want to share it when It used to do it automatically! This huge blue screen pops up!
    ugh technology!

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