not fair


I’m too old for pimples!!!! They are everywhere. Granted, it is most likely from the oreos, junior mints, and ice cream, but it is not fair!!!!! I’m not a teenager and I forgot the cover up stick in Oregon…Bother and crumb cakes! (mmmm, crumb cake!) 


One thought on “not fair

  1. there are things a woman should not have to be bothered with after she is 13.
    1 she should be asked if she wants her monthly. if she does. great. have it. if not. have a medical procedure so she doesnt until she is ready.
    2. body hair. once its shaved, plucked whatever. its gone forever! except head hair. ha ha
    3. pimples!!!
    ugh. its like being a teenager all over again! ha ha

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