the view from my mom’s bathroom–there was a grader outside! 

 I like being clean. I love clean sheets on my bed (those are incredibly sexy!). I enjoy folding clean clothes. I appreciate a clean body. I’ve been doing care giving for my mom the last months and have discovered something. I don’t get time to get myself groomed as much as I desire. So, I often shower (a shower is a faster way to clean!) after midnight.

I’d like to clean mom. I never thought I’d give my mom showers, change an ileostomy, give her shots (I take my own), or dispense meds. It is harder to convince her she needs cleaned, though. I am several years  younger AND the daughter, so I can imagine it is not easy for mom to need my help washing. Lord knows, I’d panic if I had to have one of my kids help me. Granted, they are boys, but I’ve even made sure I have a towel within reach in case I fall in the shower and need rescued!

It’s after midnight! This Cinderella is going to scrub, braid her hair, and read herself to sleep! Truly, a dream come true. 


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